It’s fair to say that we have all been guilty of letting our make-up brush hygiene laps.

Somehow it never seemed like an important task, “I mean… after all it’s only me using them, why would it be so catastrophic if I just let it go one more week?”

I know what your thinking “eeuuwwww!!” “What is she saying?” meanwhile looking at your make up bag thinking to yourself “when was the last time I washed my brushes.”

Right!  Exactly!

It’s a topic that has been making the rounds due to the few but very scary reports of Staph infections caused by dirty make up brushes. Like when Katie Wright’s suspect pimple turned into a life threatening ordeal.

A matter like this shouldn’t be taken lightly, but quite often when I’m teaching my classes and we get onto the subject of hygiene, it staggers me to see how many faces look back at me in bewilderment and cry out “REALLY!”

Yes!…  It is so!

You wouldn’t go to sleep in a bed where the sheets haven’t been washed for a month? So why would touch your face with a brush caked with month/s old make up?

Even though it’s your own brush you are applying make-up with, keep in mind that these brushes have been incubating germs all the while sitting in your (fair to say) dirty make-up bag, and most probably stored in your bathroom where the hot steamy showers are creating the perfect environment for the incubation.

It’s no wonder the surge of make up related skin problems and infections are on the rise.

It’s important to maintain a good level of hygiene when dealing with make-up especially with the equipment you apply it with.  As a professional we are always taught to abide by a strict level of hygiene, to prevent cross contamination and transfer of germs and diseases to our clients.

As a make-up addict, it would be wise to adopt the same principle, even if it is just for yourself!

So how do you go about cleaning your brushes and how often should you do it?

Generally speaking, as a personal use make-up addict.  You would need to thoroughly clean your brushes at least once a week or fortnightly if you are not a heavy user.  But should do a quick clean everyday using a spray brush cleaner.

Cleaning your Brushes


Once a week, grab all your brushes and give them a really good wash to remove any build up of make-up and grime (not to mention all the nasties).

There are quite a few methods to cleaning your brushes, here are two methods for you to try and what products to use.

Method 1

You will need:

  • Dirty Brushes
  • Baby Shampoo  (Johnson & Johnson) or brush cleanser
  • Large towel
  • Olive Oil (optional)
  1. Gather all your brushes and take them over to the sink.  Place a small drop of cleanser onto the palm of your hand, moisten the brush and work the cleanser into the bristles by rubbing the brush into your palm.
  2. Use your fingers as a washing board and continue to work the cleanser into the bristles until you are satisfied it’s clean.